The colors always pull me in first. I want them bold or soft, playful or daring. I want just the right shades to blend smoothly or I toss them together and jumble them up. I cut and pin and stitch. Then the quilting brings out the texture and the quilt comes alive under my hands. CGBP

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Seaside Wall hanging

I recently visited my brother in his Florida home. I wanted to make a gift for his new place and I gathered my seaside fabrics, cutting 2 1/2 inch strips for the background. Then I added a palm tree in the foreground. Last I added seashell buttons and tiny gold beads to the sand.

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Pineapples from Hawaii

I bought this pattern when we visited Hawaii. I don’t usually love batik fabrics but these cheerful colors caught my eye. It is a work in progress.

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Easter bunnies

This little wool applique mat was fun to make. I added little buttons to the center of each flower. Small wool applique pieces are easy to take along when I travel. The texture of the wool adds a great dimension.

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Tahitian Flowers

This is my most recent quilted project. I bought the hand sewn pieces in Tahiti in January 2013. I put them together with bright tropical fabrics to show the spirit of the islands.

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Woodland Scene

  This is a work in progress. I have had this pattern for many years. The date on the pattern in 1995. It is time to make is come alive. I am making changes in the directions. The pattern calls for cottons but I am using wool for the cabin, trees, moose, etc. I especially […]

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Christmas Ornaments Wall Hanging

This is a long narrow wall hanging that I designed myself. I used a simple circle for the ornaments and centered fabric designs. I used tiny squares at the top of each. I had a striped fabric to put around for the borders. I made several and gave them a gifts.

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Little Christmas Pockets

These are 4 inch square pockets that I will hang on the Christmas tree with gift cards inside. The pattern suggests using them as small wall hangings but I altered those directions. The pattern came with small metal decorations for the branches but I used tiny buttons. I also embroidered names on each pocket. I […]

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Small Fabric Purse

  These small purses are fun to sew! Fat quarters work for the main color and scraps can be used for the pockets. I changed the directions a bit, placing the pockets on a fold and cutting rather than making them in two pieces and sewing them together. I also changed the spot to leave […]

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Christmas Lap Quilt

I used simple squares & rectangles to make this Christmas Lap Quilt. I used a variety of fabrics in red, green and gold. I used many of the same fabrics for our Christmas stockings. With both the stockings and this quilt in our living room, it ties things together.  

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Country Baskets

We bought a new bed & I made this quilt for the bed. I had not sewn much with yellows before this. I liked the sunny yellows and the brown baskets.  

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