My Sewing Room

My Sewing Room

My Sewing Room 

This is my sewing room. It is not very large but I spend many happy hours here. This was once my son’s bedroom. Now it has a guest bed & my sewing machine & supplies. At first  I had a folding card table in one corner to cut my fabric.  Then my cousin, a carpenter, built my cutting table and the cabinet above it. Now my cutting surface is firm & I can make more precise cuts. as a result, my quilts have improved.

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Coveralls for our Grandson

I had fun making these for our grandson! These are some of his favorite things: trains, pirates & construction vehicles.

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Singer Sewing Machine

I have been sewing as long as I can remember. I learned from my mother and her mother. I have some of their sewing tools & supplies. I also have  my mother’s Singer sewing machine which was equipped with the very latest options. The drawers of the cabinet had a wide array of thread colors, […]

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Strips & Squares

Many quilt patterns call for strips & squares, especially the 2 1/2 inch size. I have learned to cut & keep these sizes handy. There are times I want to begin a new project but cannot decide which one. So I begin cutting strips from my stash and my thoughts come into focus. The ready […]

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