Travel Quilts Wall Hangings

Last year I took a wonderful trip out West with college friends. We went to Mount Rushmore, the Tetons, Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse & more. We visited gift shops at these places & I found small printed panels. There were photos of the National Parks on fabric. I had never seen those before. I bought one package at each park. When I returned home I put those together to make Western Wonders Wall hangings for myself & my friends.

We friends are about to embark on another trip. This year we are headed to Spain & Portugal. I decided to make wall hangings again, this time in advance. I designed our little wall hangings myself. The center piece is a suitcase with ‘stickers’ showing the countries we will visit. I’ll present these at our bon voyage party.

My wall hanging has more ‘stickers’ because I have & will be doing lots of traveling this year.

Can you find the fabric that is included in all these wall hangings?

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