Old Fabrics

My Nana’s Suitcase

I have an old suitcase that is full of fabrics that belonged to my mother’s mother. All the fabrics are at least 40 years old and yet most of them look like new. Some of the fabrics are in paper envelopes with postmarks for 1953. They have been out of the sun and weather, ┬áneatly folded and separated by colors.

My Nana sewed clothes for herself and her daughter for many years and she taught both my mother and I to sew. She had a talent that she passed on. My daughters both sew. My older daughter makes intricate costumes that she wears in plays. My younger daughter sews stylish clothes she wears to work and on weekends. More than passing on these lovely antique fabrics, my Nana passed on the love of sewing.

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