Quilt Shows

Quilt Shows can be inspiring & fun. Usually I attend quilt shows to be inspired by the exhibited quilts, to learn from the demonstrations and lectures & to visit the vendors.  It is great to see so many vendors displaying gadgets and fabrics all in one place. Usually I spend more than I intend.  I leave quilt shows with a spring in my step, eager to get home to my sewing room.

In years past, when I entered my own quilts I did not have them judged. I did not think I’d measure up to the beautiful quilts that others make, expert quilters. And I was happy with my quilts. Why did I need to hear what others thought?

Q.U.I.L.T., Inc. [Quilters United in Learning Together] holds a show every other year. I am a member of this guild.

Not exactly sure why but I changed my mind in 2011 I decided to enter quilts to be judged.  I was very happy to receive two third place ribbons. With each quilt I received the notes written by the judges. Those notes helped me to improve my quilting. They had made suggestions on improving my bindings. Since then I believe my bindings are more durable and attractive.

Recently I entered four quilts to be judged and displayed at this year’s show. I was happy to receive four ribbons: two third place & two second place ribbons! I was very happy.

I have discovered that I am the best judge of my quilts. I sew quilts that make me or the recipients of my quilts happy. However I do learn how to improve my work from judge’s comments. And I am motivated to do better with each new piece I create.

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