We have blueberries & raspberries but we have seldom had an opportunity to eat them. Usually the birds help themselves to the berries before we can enjoy them. This year we have sampled a few & I snapped these photos.

Cone Flowers

My cone flowers are getting ready to bloom.


Bird Bath

We have a bird bath in our garden that has never look attractive til now. When we filled it with water the water was stagnant and attracted more mosquitoes than birds.  Last year I decided to fill it with soil & flowers. With the first rain it quickly became mud. I tried to drain it but the plants died. This year my husband drilled holes into the bottom for drainage, I filled it with fresh soil & plants. Now I am happy to look at the birdbath!

Climbing Rose, ‘America’

Nature’s Classic, America Climbing Rose: fast growing, hardy climber, abundant coral-pink blooms

I love this climbing rose! Every year it gets more beautiful & full of blooms. I planted it in June 2011 in a very sunny spot. It climbs up a trellis my our garage. Driving up our driveway, you see it greeting your arrival.

In the late fall, after it is done blooming, my husband & I wrap burlap around it. We tuck dried lots of leaves in the burlap as we wrap it. When I unwrapped it this year there were already buds!

I deadhead it almost daily to encourage new growth. I also bring blooms inside to add that wonderful bold color to our lives.

Vases of Roses

I like to snip off roses from my garden & bring them inside.

Early May Garden

Sunshine & rain are waking up the garden.


The Late April Garden

My gardens are just waking up here in NYS. Last year we had warm weather in early April.  Warm days and nights are just beginning now so buds are opening much later this year. I uncovered my roses & removed the burlap from the climbing hydrangea. I checked the vegetable garden and saw the garlic is quite tall. I am not an expert gardener but I do love flowers & the vegetables I grow taste much better than anything in the market.