Last year I visited a local garden center and as I walked by a gardenia I caught its scent and it pulled me back. It was exotic and lovely and reminded me of the Gardenia taitensis that my husband & I had enjoyed in Tahiti. A single blossom given to us filled our cruise ship stateroom with its magic scent. Naturally, I purchased the gardenia in the garden center and took it home. It bloomed for me several times. This year I found another at the same garden center and now I have two on my back porch.


My gardne smells wonderful when my lilacs bloom.

Abraham Darby Rose

I have become a great fan of David Austin Roses. They are beautiful, old fashioned and smell wonderful. When I saw this one recently at a local nursery I quickly scooped it up and put in in my wagon.


Spring Color

Warm days are arriving at last! Here is some early spring color.


These easy to grow flowers come in many amazing colors. I have a hard time choosing colors when I buy more. I like to cut the blooms & bring autumn inside.

September Roses

My roses are blooming as much as they did back in May & June.

Tall Phlox

I have two tall phlox plants in my back garden. This year, for some reason, my white phlox came up but did not bloom.  The purple phlox however are full and colorful with a delicate scent. They are very tall, at least five feet.

Tequilia Supreme Rose

Unique, colorful shrub rose with orange buds opening to a lovely coppery color; blooms continuously from spring to frost


Easy Does It Rose

Floribunda; colors of mango orange, peach pink & ripe apricot

This is rose has a beautiful color & looks wonderful in vases.