Garden Pinwheel Quilt

The blocks in this quilt were hand appliqued. I took it on many trips & sewed as we traveled. Then they were put away for a long time. When I pulled them out again I had an idea on how to put them together.

Recently  I entered this quilt in the Empire Quilt Fest, NY & won a third place ribbon!

Goldfinches in Spring

I recently entered this quilt in the Empire Quilt Fest 2014 in NY. The theme of the show was Things with Wings. I have lots of birds who visit my feeders each day, including Gold Finches. Their yellow feathers are like a bit of sunshine.

The wall hanging is cotton but I wanted the birds to stand out so I made them in wool.


This little quilt sits in my dining room. Just outside the window hang my seed & suet feeders.


Garden Pinwheel Quilt

I hand appliqued these blocks years ago. They were easy to sew when I traveled. Then they got put away in the closet of my sewing room. One rainy day I pulled them out & decided it was time to put them in a quilt. I had a great floral fabric that coordinated with the blocks. I sketched out some settings & found a layout that I liked. Soon this Unfinished Object was a quilt!

Signature Quilt

My mother in law is having a milestone birthday next month. Months ago I began a Signature Quilt for her. I selected a pattern for a lap size quilt with lots of color. I assembled the blocks and mailed them out to family members. I included special pens for writing a birthday message to Ann. I included instructions and scrap fabric to practice with the pens before writing the final message. Ann’s children, grandchildren and spouses each signed a block. Once I had the blocks in my hands again I put them together, added borders and sent the quilt off to be machine quilted. All this took time, of course. But it was back to me with plenty of time for me too add the binding. Now it is ready to be wrapped and presented in Florida next month.

It is a fun project and, I hope, a special gift but you must begin ahead of time.

Christmas Placemats

Christmas gifts don’t need to be intricate or time consuming to be cheerful & useful. These placemats were fun to make, used my existing stash of fabrics & were happily received.

Christmas Mittens

These cute little tree ornaments were fun to sew. The pattern had many options: tree, skate, snowman, Santa, etc. I added some touches of my own like beads on the trees, snowflake buttons and names. They are the right size for gift cards or cash. They look cute hanging on our tree. I like unique, hand made items.

Christmas Pinwheels

It is never to early to begin making something for Christmas. This book has a design called Pinwheels that I thought would look great in Christmas colors. I decided to use gold and cream colors for the background and greens, a touch of red and blacks for the pinwheels.

Autumn Colors

The colors of autumn are inspiration for many projects.


Travel Quilts Wall Hangings

Last year I took a wonderful trip out West with college friends. We went to Mount Rushmore, the Tetons, Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse & more. We visited gift shops at these places & I found small printed panels. There were photos of the National Parks on fabric. I had never seen those before. I bought one package at each park. When I returned home I put those together to make Western Wonders Wall hangings for myself & my friends.

We friends are about to embark on another trip. This year we are headed to Spain & Portugal. I decided to make wall hangings again, this time in advance. I designed our little wall hangings myself. The center piece is a suitcase with ‘stickers’ showing the countries we will visit. I’ll present these at our bon voyage party.

My wall hanging has more ‘stickers’ because I have & will be doing lots of traveling this year.

Can you find the fabric that is included in all these wall hangings?